Why A 5 Star Rating Is Important For Your Law Firm

As an agency that works with numerous attorneys, there is no denying that how your clients perceive you and your reputation among the general public is essential. Maintaining new clients, as well as running a successful legal practice can all hinge on positive or negative reviews in this new era of marketing.

Unfortunately, how you are perceived by the public can have a great impact positively or negatively on your practice. Therefore, understanding the importance of a 5- star review can be instrumental in not only growing, but also expanding your legal practice, whether it is tax, general practice, divorce, real estate, or anything else.

We have been working in marketing for countless years and have worked with various law firms over time to advance their marketing, with building potential cases…because of our experience with this topic, we will explain the importance of and benefits of a 5-star review for your firm below.

Top 3 Benefits of a 5-Star Review for Your Legal Practice

A 5-star review can impact your legal practice tremendously. Since it builds trust with potential clients, this is an essential factor for converting leads to clients. Below are the top 3 benefits that your legal practice stands to gain from a 5-star review and further obtain a successful law practice.

Improves Click-Through Rates

One of the many ways 5-star reviews will help your law firm is by getting you get more clicks to your website. Whenever your practice appears on any of the search engines or as links online, you will get more of those clicks with more 5-star reviews. You may be wondering why it may affect how many clicks your law firm’s website gets. Well, we can answer this for you, your potential clients click on businesses which have 5-star reviews because they perceive ratings as an indication of the quality of services. So, in simpler terms, if you took care of other clients enough that they gave you a 5 star rating, you will surely take care of them as well.

Builds the Trust of Prospects

Before any serious prospective client engages your services, they first read up on your reviews. They want to see if you can be trusted with their legal situation. The last thing someone wants is to hire an attorney to handle a legal matter, pay a lot of money, only for them to not do a good job and be a waste of time and money in the long run. When one of these potential client’s see that you have many 5-star reviews, it emphasizes the fact that you are a tested and trusted law firm that has successfully helped multiple clients with their legal problems. Therefore, clients are encouraged by this to engage in your services and hire you as representation for any and all of their legal needs and matters.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

As a legal practice, 5-star ratings and reviews can help rank your firm highly on search engine result pages. Unfortunately, search engine result pages can be complicated to understand if you aren’t familiar with online marketing/site information. However, according to studies, 5-star reviews are one of the most important factors used in search engine rankings. Thus meaning, the higher the ranking on search engine result pages, the better your chances of landing new clients and finding new ones.

Now that we know the benefits you may have the question, now what? Well, now it’s time to work on alleviating some of the potential problems to get you the most ratings and reviews possible. The real problem is that happy clients don’t always stop to leave reviews, and
unhappy ones (or their friends and relatives) can’t get to the keyboard fast enough. While that problem might not ever change, luckily, we have a few tips that can help get past it!

Tips To Get 5 Star Reviews for Your Legal Practice

Now that we know the benefits, it is important to know some steps to increase your chances of getting reviews for a successful legal practice. There are obvious ways to increase your reviews, like asking clients to leave one throughout handling their legal matter. However, we have a few additional tips that we think could also be beneficial for you and your law firm also. Tips such as these can equip you with the tools required to ensure clients satisfaction.


  • Take on only clients that you are sure you can work with. It is important to know the strength of your expertise and practice. Determine if the needs of a client are outside your expertise or not a good fit for your practice.
  • Check in with your client consistently about their needs from your business. As a result, a client who’s needs are met will leave a glowing review and feel valued.
  • Professionalism goes a long way to getting you those positive reviews. Have a neat & organized office, stick to meeting dates & times, and always stay abreast of the peculiarities of your client’s case.
  • Clients want to get feedback from their lawyers as soon as possible. Avoid unnecessary delays in getting your clients requested information. They will find it irritating when they have to continually remind their attorneys to get the information they asked for.

With all this being said, don’t take it personally if your clients don’t leave you reviews… especially when you know you provided a great experience, and they confirmed that they appreciated the results you got for them.

Following these tips can help you increase your ratings. If you take in the benefits of 5- star reviews on your website, and you work in the areas you need to, to improve the current situation, you will be well on your way to satisfying the needs of your clients, who will be more than happy to leave you a 5 star review. Additionally, we would like to offer our services to you and your law firm to help with any and all of your marketing needs. Click the image below to request our Review Generator Blitz!

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