Benefits of Using a CRM for your Law Firm


Benefits of using a CRM

Attracting clients is the obvious main concern for small and large law firms alike. As your firm grows, you begin to realize that organizing already existing clients and cases is just as difficult, if not more difficult, than even getting them in the first place. Many law firms don’t realize there is an easy and effective legal tool known as a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, which really helps streamline this process in more ways than you might expect. But first, let’s discuss what CRM is and the basics of it!

CRM is software that does exactly what it sounds like, managing your customer and client relationships so that the organization process for your client’s individual cases isn’t as difficult anymore. No more using a non-effective spreadsheet, our legal CRM software (COMS) Case Opportunity Management System is a specific pipeline made for client management, and it is organized in a way so that it’s easily accessed, managed, and updated.

Now that we’ve discussed what a CRM really is and the basics, let’s move a bit more in-depth about the benefits of using a CRM.

  1. Efficiency and Accessibility

As we’ve pointed out, CRM software’s are very efficient and very user-friendly. This is largely due to the software database of your firm’s client information that is all in one easily accessible place. It’s also helpful because once a contact is stored in your legal CRM (COMS), you can go back to look at the data at any future point to check in on the status of a case, send a note, report on operations, or add any new information, etc.

COMS also typically reduces the number of redundant processes performed by your staff. This is why in the end, you will have spent less time on managing individual contacts with streamlined contact management, improving the efficiency and bottom line of your law firm.

  1. Accurate Integrated Intake

Not only is it efficient, but it’s also extremely accurate. The right legal CRM should be connected with your firm’s onboarding and intake processes to capture the right information immediately. If the software is connected to your firm’s process properly, you should see a great difference from the older process. In doing this, you can make sure that no client, communication, or opportunity falls through the cracks. COMS is built with law firms in mind.

In addition, COMS will track any client interactions and statuses so you can easily filter and source the information you need to make informed decisions.

  1. Transparent Lead Tracking

Because your leads are better organized using a CRM solution like COMS, you have insight into your data and outcomes.

With a legal CRM solution, you can see when the last time each case was touched, allowing you to follow up with prospective clients that might otherwise have been overlooked.

  1. Stronger Client Relationships

Client management software keeps your firm more organized, and you might not realize it, but your clients’ will notice the difference in efficiency, and in the end, will be much more appreciative of it.

When the data you need is right at your fingertips, you and your staff can better answer questions and support clients’ needs, and make them feel cared for. So then, as time goes on, they’ll come to show gratitude for how knowledgeable you are about their case and so grateful they chose your firm to represent them (and happier clients mean more client referrals).

  1. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Some systems also help you analyze your law firm’s marketing activity, so now you no longer have to take wild guesses about your marketing strategy, from automated email campaigns based on knowing where (and who) to market to, legal CRMs give you transparency and insight into your target markets.

You can also find out which campaigns are bringing you clients and which ones you might be wise to stop putting time, energy, money, and resources into.


Now that we’ve gone a bit more in-depth and you’ve gotten a bit of insight into some of the other benefits of CRMs, let’s discuss what you need to look for in a CRM and why COMS is the right CRM for you and your firm.

  • Tip 1: Problems First, Then Products

It’s essential to focus on people and processes first, products second. Too many people immediately rush out to find potential vendors, and that will get you nowhere. It’s very easy to get caught up in the shiny bells and whistles of a good CRM demo, and the excitement of implementing a new and better process, however, it’s important to resist the temptation to dive into features and functions too soon, there’s still more to learn. With COMS, we’ve taken the guesswork out, as it’s built with your law firm in mind.

  • Tip 2: Evaluate the Systems and Providers

After gathering all the relevant information, it’s important to fully document your requirements and make sure you are well-prepared before reaching out to providers. This is usually shown in a short document that sets out all the needs and requirements gathered during the needs assessment and the features and functionality that you want to see. Because we work with many law firms across the U.S., we know what most lawyers request for functionality.

  • Tip 3: Don’t Do It Alone

Selecting the right CRM system can be a daunting process. Especially when first starting. Most firms have never been through the process before – and very few want to repeat it. So, getting a bit of help or assistance from someone more familiar with this field would benefit you greatly. This is where LTC can help, ask us how to find out more information about the COMS CRM today!

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