4 Ways To Boost Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

4 Ways To Boost Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Things have been more than hectic in the past couple of years, especially in the marketing field. Things are slowly just getting back to normal after all of this – but is your marketing strategy still in a slump? With the massive influx of changes that are becoming a part of the “new normal,” the traditional marketing tactics you once so heavily relied on, the keywords that were used to help gain site visitors, and even the website that was once new, vibrant, and cutting edge, well, all of those things are probably just not cutting it anymore.

It may feel like your practice is in a rut after scrambling to survive a year of uncertainty. Even with the situation slowly improving, law firms and businesses are still taking time to rebuild.  However, after it rains, the sun will always come out to shine!

Now that we’ve established what problems you may be struggling with, we’re here to help. It is time to revamp and rethink your entire approach to marketing.

Now, you might be asking yourself, where do I start?

In order to help you think outside the box in regard to all the ways you can build your brand presence, we’ve rounded up the top 4 tips we believe will help boost your legal marketing strategy the best in this upcoming year.

One of the first and most important tips is to:

  • Turn Your Team Members into Leaders

With every practice, it’s very important for your brand to have a face. If your firm already has a face, just remember that is not the only thing that matters. Running your firm is a big team effort, and the most important part is to cultivate a team environment where the members of your team are able to fulfill more leadership roles.

One of the ways you can do this is by encouraging your team to share your blog posts, promote events and webinars, and have a place at the table during relevant conversations across social platforms. We hope by doing this your marketing efforts will be amplified with increased engagement and exposure.

If your team members feel comfortable doing so, let your social media manager queue up promotional posts not only for your main business accounts but the accounts of your customer-facing crew as well. By doing this your firm will have way more consistency across any and all accounts, platforms, and sites, which is one thing that will boost your site visitors and potential clients.

  • Host Webinars

People can have trouble finding an outlet they are comfortable using, and from our experience, it takes time for someone to find an outlet that enables them to learn things at their own convenience. However, if you’re able to find a webinar outlet that you are comfortable using, we have found that if you not only host live webinars, but also record them, and even send the recording to your registrants (even if they didn’t attend), your potential clients will turn to you as a trusted advisor on all things in the legal realm.

If you invest about an hour of your week setting up and hosting a consistently scheduled webinar, you’re sure to stay top of mind within your community.

  • Hone in Your Networking Skills

As the old adage goes… aim for quality over quantity.

You may have an expansive Rolodex full of connections, but how many of the people in your network add value to your end goal?

In the networking industry, it is important to remember that working smarter as opposed to harder is key. This means that you shouldn’t waste your time and energy, or break your back trying to connect with every person at every event; instead, you should have a clear and concise plan, work smarter, do research ahead of time, then you will be able to target the specific people you want to have discussions with, and after talking, be able to book time on their calendar to make the most out of the opportunity. When you cut through all the clutter and know what your ultimate goal is, or what you’re trying to accomplish with your network before expanding it, you get much further in the marketing industry. If you use this tactic, we guarantee you’ll have more qualified leads to nurture into returning clients.

  • Speak at Conventions

We can understand if you’re shy or have a fear of speaking in front of crowds. But our best advice for you is to take the plunge and conquer the fear of public speaking! It may seem like an impossible feat to more introverted lawyers, but becoming a well-known public speaker at events will carve your position as an authoritative voice in the legal field.

If you’re struggling to figure out where to begin, or what to even say then look no further. We recommend that you try and think of creative ways you can position your specific value proposition and write thought-provoking speeches in and around your areas of promise, things to just generally attract your target audience. And of course, public speaking will come easier than you think, as you’re already a pro in what you know!

In Conclusion

Now is the time to think about where your legal marketing strategy stands, and where you want to take it within the next year.

Revitalizing/reinventing your entire marketing strategy might seem like an exhausting process, and you may be dreading it; but with these actionable tips, you can implement road-tested strategies immediately and see results almost instantly!

Contact Leads To Cases today for help with your marketing strategy.

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