5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Law Firm Marketing

5 Mistakes To Avoid With Your Law Firm Marketing

Marketing for a law firm is not an easy task, especially because it is an ever-changing path. This means that you might have come to the realization that the previous SEO and Paid Search that your law firm did many years ago is just no longer working, Your website that used to be very modern and sleek just does not fit today’s mobile world. This can be frustrating because you may feel like your previous efforts were for nothing. Well, we’re here to help! We have worked with many lawyers and law firms and pride ourselves on the hours each day spent watching the changes and trends in legal marketing. With that being said, here are 5 helpful things to avoid when attempting to boost marketing for your law firm.

  1. Having an outdated website

Your website may have been cutting edge years ago, but with the continually changing style of websites, you may begin to notice a decrease in your site’s traffic. This is most likely because potential clients believe the site looks ignored and outdated, which tends to cause them to navigate to more modern companies with updated sites. There could be many reasons your site isn’t updated, but most commonly it is because many law firms don’t have the time to consistently draw insights from their website analytics and make changes based on what they’re learning. You might think that having a website that’s “up and running” is good enough, but your goal should be to use the website as a marketing tool. If you want to alleviate this problem, you are going to have to put in hard work and keep tweaking your site and style based on new information. This also includes other tactics like implementing conversion rate optimization strategies to generate more leads.

  1. Local Marketing

Google has become an amazing resource for law firms marketing-wise. More specifically with Google My Business (GMB), GMB has become the foundation of all good legal marketing plans. This means having a complete and optimized GMB profile, performing detailed and complete citation work, active GMB images and posts, and a huge effort in GMB reviews. However, Google My Business is not the only great resource Google provides. If you are trying to get more potential clients and higher traffic on your site, you should also consider Google’s new “Google Screened” section known as Local Ads. We can guide you through the process. We cannot stress this enough: local marketing is bigger than you think!

  1. Not understanding search engine optimization (SEO)

Believe us, we get it, SEO is a tricky thing to understand. The algorithms are constantly changing and can feel like a moving target, but if you break it down at a basic level, a search engine’s job is to return web results that address the searcher’s query. The higher that you appear on a search engine’s results page, the more visible your law firm becomes. This means more potential clients! However, content is key when it comes to SEO. That doesn’t mean simply creating content is going to help you achieve your goal. To really make content benefit your business, you have to develop a content strategy, keep your audience in mind, and do thorough keyword research to incorporate the right terms and phrases that can help you rank on page 1 of Google. In simpler terms, think about and research the most common things searched in regards to your type of law. Even though SEO can be difficult to really understand, there is certainly a science to this process, which is why many firms find that it makes sense to use a partner like us to handle their SEO.

  1. Inconsistency

Rome was not built in a day; neither will your firm’s online presence be fully developed in one day. What most people don’t consider is that inconsistency can be one of the biggest problems in their business. Consistency is absolutely vital, especially in digital marketing, and if your firm is not regularly updating your feed… that can cause a major marketing problem. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common digital marketing mistakes that law firm’s make. But as we said before, we’re here to help! Our best tip for you is to make sure that you can avoid content inconsistency by developing and sticking to a blog editorial calendar and preparing a plan for your social media posts, either manually or with our content brief options.

  1. Ignoring social media

No matter your personal thoughts on social media, it’s a necessary component of any legal marketing mix. You may not be very active on social platforms personally, and that’s fine, but not putting your law firm out on social platforms is a very big mistake. Ignoring it, not putting thoughtful effort toward it, and not tracking it are all things that will hurt your online marketing and thwart your growth. If you aren’t active on social media then we understand that it could be difficult and feel discouraging to try to become active on these platforms, you might not even know where to begin. But, again, working with an experienced agency will help if you’re uncomfortable managing social media.


Looking back on everything above, the biggest takeaway is that effective digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving. Thus, there is a relentless need to re-evaluate what works and why by consistently reviewing your analytics while avoiding common mistakes. You should also take advantage of many of the resources online such as Google services that we mentioned above, or by making your firm active on different popular social media platforms. We hope you can learn from these common digital marketing mistakes and correct any of the mistakes that you or your law firm have been making – or, even better, not make them in the first place. When you avoid these mishaps, your law firm should see an improvement in marketing ROI and online lead generation, as well as just generally having more potential clients.


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