20 Personal Injury Case Opportunities in 20 Days!

Real Results for Your Law Firm… GUARANTEED*.   

You Need More Clients, Right?

Competition for Case Opportunities in your market is getting stronger every day. 

You can’t afford to continue losing to competitors because:

  • You’re losing all of the qualified leads in your market because they have a better strategy
  • You’re jumping around from one shiny marketing tactic to another in hopes something will work
  • You’re missing opportunities by not having a synergistic marketing plan in place


Our 9-step Growth Engine Blueprint is designed to help you reach 20  case opportunities in 20 days.

20 New Case Opportunities Are Within Reach!

Your law firm’s lack of case opportunities is due to a chaotic marketing plan or no plan at all.

Here’s the thing… it’s not your fault!

You worked your butt off to be an excellent lawyer, not an excellent marketing expert.

You need a growth strategy that focuses on fulfilling the vision, mission, and goals of your law firm, a plan to actually build successful case opportunity generators, and a process to convert your leads into profitable cases.

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20 Cases In 20 Days!

What’s Inside The Growth Engine Blueprint?


The 20 for 20 program is backed by our “100% Delivery” and “Love us or Leave us Guarantee”.

We guarantee you will receive the 20 new case opportunities or we will keep pushing until we get them.  In addition, if you don’t like us, our process, our team, or our pricing models, “Leave us” at the end of the 20-day period.  No questions asked! *Offer ends May 31, 2022. 

Leads To Cases Vision And Mission

Our passion is to bring clarity to legal marketing, through focusing, planning, and converting.  Spending over $3mm in R&D on digital marketing spends, software tools, and processes, in order to build our proprietary Blueprint and Law Marketing Matrix, now we want to empower you and your firm, with our intel, for combined and sustained success, driving mutual profitability.