Brand and Content Marketing Strategy grew Per Client Revenue to

$30,000+ in ONE YEAR

Initial Consultation:

Similar to a medical check-up, we begin with an in-depth consultation to understand your law firm’s unique needs and goals. This is where we diagnose the areas that need attention and craft a personalized prescription.

Target Audience Diagnosis:

Just as a doctor identifies the specific needs of a patient, we meticulously analyze and diagnose your target audience. We ensure that the prescription is tailored to attract the right clients who align with your legal expertise.

Prescription Formulation:

Our team of lead-generation specialists develops a precise prescription, outlining the strategic steps to be taken. This prescription is designed to be effective, efficient, and specifically crafted to address the challenges your law firm faces in lead acquisition.

Implementation Plan:

Much like a treatment plan, we present you with a detailed implementation guide. This step-by-step plan ensures that the prescription is seamlessly integrated into your current business practices, maximizing its impact on lead generation.

Constant Monitoring and Adjustments:

We don’t just hand over the prescription and leave. Our team continually monitors the results, making adjustments as necessary. It’s like having a medical professional tweak your treatment plan for optimal results.

Progress Checkups:

Periodic checkups are essential to gauge the effectiveness of the prescription. We provide regular progress reports, ensuring that your law firm is on track to meet the goal of acquiring 90 qualified leads within the specified timeframe.

Fine-Tuning for Maximum Efficacy:

Much like adjusting medication dosages, we fine-tune the strategy based on real-time data and feedback. This ensures that your lead acquisition process remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving landscape of your industry.

Prescription Renewal and Long-Term Health:

As your law firm experiences the positive effects of the prescription, we discuss long-term strategies to maintain a healthy lead flow. Think of it as renewing a prescription for ongoing success, ensuring that your business continues to thrive in the competitive legal market.

Frequently Asked Questions

For sure!! We service firms from solo practitioners all the way to firms with 100+ employees. It’s all about telling your story consistently, with quality and relevant content…no matter how big you are.

When content is used properly, YES, it will definitely generate leads.

But if you’d like a more detailed explanation, contact us to find out how creating strong content can attract qualified visitors to your law firm’s website and convert them into potential new clients.

For most law firms the biggest single mistake made, is jumping in to content development without a plan. An effective content strategy starts with core values. You can write a blog or post on social media but you will likely never achieve your objectives if you don’t have a blueprint [link to blueprint form] to guide you in the right direction.