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Review Generator Blitz

A study conducted in 2020 showed that 87.4% of respondents look at Google Reviews over any other review platform. 84% of those respondents said they won't contact a law firm that has less than a 4.0 rating on Google. So, if your law firm has no Google reviews or a low Google review rating, you can be sure the prospects who looked you up are calling a competing law firm that has a higher rating. What's the solution? A Review Generator Blitz to generate more 5-star reviews on Google. The Review Generator Blitz helps your law firm in the following ways: It gives your law firm its own Google Review funnel that channels all reviews through a 2-question survey so that you get higher quality reviews. Increases your Google review rating by buffering negative reviews so that you get more 5-star reviews and more prospects calling your law firm. Negative feedback is sent to your law firm instead of becoming a negative review on Google so that you can respond to the criticism and protect your reputation online. And if you're worried about how to ask for reviews, we've got you covered. We include a proven email and text message template you can customize for your past clients so that you can quickly and easily get more reviews.
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20 Case Opportunities in 20 Days

Law firm marketing might feel like the last thing you have time for, with everything else you have on your to-do list. But, without a solid marketing strategy, your sales funnel can quickly dry up, leaving you without clients to serve. Winning personal injury case opportunities in your market is a complicated puzzle. Our proven Growth Engine Blueprint is the missing puzzle piece to complete the big picture. In addition, we are willing to offer a crazy guarantee to get you started. See if this fits...20 New Personal Injury Case Opportunities in 20-Days. Guaranteed! Our proof is in the puzzle...One of our beloved clients recently booked a $5 million case using this very program. [Verified Reference Available] Schedule Your free strategy session with an experienced legal marketing professional. We guarantee your time will be well spent!
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