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We all have a marketing personality style that helps us engage with others better. Understanding where you fit in with the four primary marketing personality styles can provide you with a snapshot of finding the voice that resonates with prospects and converts them into cases.

Speaking To Your Audience:


Once you learn how to engage with potential prospects using your “style profile”, you can translate that message to your entire marketing space and instantly start to see improvements in conversions and ultimately get more cases.

Understanding where you fit in with the four primary marketing personality styles can provide you with a snapshot of how you view client outreach, how to reach clients with your own personal brand, and what is the likely receptivity of a campaign.

Behavioral Science and Style

Your Marketing Personality Style is the combination of personality and behavioral science paired with marketing strategies. We look at some of these characteristics when we start to cover Step 1 of the Growth Engine Blueprint, combined with your unique marketing “style”.


Behavioral patterns

Thought patterns


Point of View



Your Style Matters To Clients

Knowing more about your unique marketing personality style can help you understand yourself by first telling you how you’re most comfortable with marketing perceptions based on your personality preferences and secondly, how best to play to your own strengths and address your own weaknesses.

It also helps put a “name” to your specific characteristics and traits so you can put your true “voice” and “tone” in your marketing message and branding.

We have used our own data and research to categorize the four primary marketing personality styles:





Marketing Personality Style

Your voice matters and it should be the first thing a prospective client hears. We do a deep dive into your core values and look to see if your current messaging reflects your marketing personality style, your mission, and goals.

Your Marketing Personality Style not only helps give you a boost in the eyes of a potential prospect but also helps you face the world with a confident smile.

Learn how to lead, influence, communicate, collaborate, resolve conflicts and manage stress better.



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There are many ways in which understanding your marketing personality style can be beneficial in the context of communication but you need a clear plan of how to implement your learnings.

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