What Lawyers Say About Us

The Snow Law Firm started noticing quantifiable results from the very first month of associating with Leads To Cases.

 After wasting dollars with multiple agencies, we were the only one to produce real results and cases.

The Company

The Snow Law Firm is located in Mashpee, MA. 

Attorney Steven Snow of the Snow Law Firm specializes in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, willing to do whatever it takes to win for his clients.

The Challenge

The Snow Law Firm had a difficult time converting potential clients and being found online in search results, they were receiving virtually no traffic to their website. We had to find a way to help their firm stand out with unique branding and storytelling. Another challenge we faced was the fact that the content on the website did not match their branding and was not optimized to get results from Google or other search engines.

The Solution

We refreshed the website, ensuring that all on-page content and technical elements were optimized for search engines. Using the LTC Growth Engine Blueprint and well thought out SEO strategies, The Snow Law Firm increased traffic exponentially within a few months.  We purged unnecessary pages and implemented the right schema for personal injury attorneys and focused on Core Web Vitals which make the biggest difference with Google in particular.

Quantifiable results

At Leads To Cases, we know no matter how good our SEO strategy is, it is all for not unless we can achieve quantifiable results for our clients. Below you will see a list and screenshots of the actual results we obtained.

  • Successfully ranking on Map Pack and SERP features 
  • Increase in Domain Authority in the last 12 months
  • High increase in local organic traffic
  • Received multiple cases of dog knockdown injuries with schema
  • Increase in calls and conversions
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Successfully competing with the competition 
  • Traffic increased from around five organic visitors to consistently over 500 monthly visitors
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