The 1424% ROI Case Study

The Leads To Cases Matrix improves law firm’s average monthly cases by 3.5x, reduces cost per case to under $1000, and increases ROI from 141% to 1424%!

Case Study Dates: February 2020 – November 2020

Leads To Cases was asked to provide CMO services by an agency partner KJ who a personal injury attorney had hired in July of 2019. KJ was initially hired to provide a Facebook marketing campaign for 90 days.

KJ held off spending the budget because they saw some major issues with the typical PI Facebook campaigns and their new client had been spending $132,000 per month on Google Ads but they were seeing a steady decline in ROI.

After hiring us, we ran a complete audit of their online presence, SEO, and advertising to clearly understand what the problems were and what corrections were needed.

Here’s what we found:

So, we put together a budget and 12-month plan to solve the issues. Here’s what we recommended and performed over the last 10 months:

  • On-site SEO
  • Restructured website for technical SEO
  • Local L&L SEO
  • Business Listing
  • Review generator to improve star rating on Google
  • Measurement tools
  • Lead nurturing CRM

We also implemented our Leads To Cases Matrix using AI and Machine Learning in the following ways:

  • Bing Ads to drive traffic to website
  • Google Call only campaign
  • Facebook Form fill quizzes
  • Geo fencing
  • CTV One to one TV
  • Native Banner ads
  • Site Visitor Retargeting

What were the results from using the LTC PI Matrix?

The law firm’s average cost per case dropped to $952. This includes all ad spend, SEO and marketing management cost. Their average Revenue Per Case has remained $13,573 with an up tick in the quality of cases they receive. Their current ROI is 1424%. The monthly number of cases has continued to increase to an average of 68 and is on track to produce 100 plus per month or more. Summary: This law firm started out spending $132,000 a month just on Google Ads and they generated an average of 19 cases per month. They were barely breaking even with just an ROI of 141%. Within 10 months of starting our LTC Matrix program, we were able to reduce their total ad spend to $81,000 a month across multiple ad platforms including One to One TV. Their average cases per month shot up to 68 and the current ROI is 1424%. This is what we call our “coin-operated case opportunity vending machine”.  The law firm now knows that when they invest $81,000 per month into their marketing, they will generate 68 or more cases. They also know that the quality of the cases is higher, and they can expect an ROI of 1424% or greater each month. If you would like to create your own “coin-operated case opportunity vending machine” using the LTC Matrix, schedule a 15-minute call today!